Why would this program benefit me?
Time is money in every business. Most small business owners wear all the hats in order to save money. Sales rep, accountant, advertiser, purchaser, grunt and goffer, etc… But through the TwoStep Accounting program outsourcing accounting has become affordable and a huge time saver. Why spend valuable sales generating time reconciling bank accounts or just finding out where your business is financially? Let an experienced accountant do the work for you while you bring in more business.
How does it all work?
Almost any way that you want it to. Just get us your bills, receipts, important documents, etc and we do the rest. Information can be sent via a personalized email address, drag and drop feature, fax, mail, snapping a picture on your phone, or simply stopping by our office on the way to work.
I don't want to lose control of my business. How will I be kept in the loop?
You won’t lose control. Via text, email, and phone call you are kept in the loop and turned into a decision maker. Approve bills for payment, make tax decisions, and have full access to all documents stored in our system so you can see what is going on at all times. Be as involved or hands off as you like. It’s up to you.
What if I have questions? Will I be billed for every minute I spend with you?
No. Within predetermined limits you have an accountant in your pocket to answer all of your accounting related questions. Don’t understand something we send you? Call us with the peace of mind that you are not on the clock.
A flat fee sounds like a nice way to over bill for services. How is this different than billing at an hourly rate like lawyers and my shrink?
Ever have a two minute conversation with a Lawyer and get a $50 bill? Not with us. Each account is reviewed semi-annually to ensure you are not being over billed. If we aren’t spending as much time as initially estimated working on your accounts then the monthly billing will be reduced to reflect the acutal work done. This is just our way of helping you get what you need out of your accountant without worrying about the clock.
What about payroll or tax services?
Good question. Payroll and tax services are not included in the TwoStep Accounting program. We do offer these services at an additional fee and would be happy to give you a quote upon request.
Why don't I just hire an employee to do all of this?
To pay an employee $500 a month (cheap labor!) will cost you a minimum 8.25% in payroll taxes, workers compensation insurance, state unemployment insurance, time to train them, time it takes the accountant to fix their mistakes for your taxes, and lets not forget Obamacare… all this while they are generating ZERO dollars in sales or income for you. Why not pay a flat fee and stop guessing exactly how much it will cost? Did I mention Obamacare?