Here at Two Step Accounting, the benefits are clear. We make running a business simpler by providing business owners with the bookkeeping services they need without the cost and effort it usually involves.

Our clients receive a bill, snap a picture of it with their phones, and email it to a safe, secure email account set up specifically for them. From there, we make sure that it is recorded correctly, and you simply approve a payment. That’s it! The two steps necessary for to accomplish all of your accounting needs are simple: send and approve. Saving your company time, effort, stress and money has never been easier.

Our clients never have to worry if their books are correct, because every expense is recorded from start to finish correctly the first time. The electronic system is reliable and consistently delivers exactly what our clients need-organized books. Ditch the shoe box full of receipts and all the guess work involved in fixing the mistakes in your records. Every document is processed, organized and stored online, so both the accountant and business owner have constant, up-to-date access to every piece of information.

See the many benefits of Two Step Accounting going to work for you! Give us a call today!