About Us

Two Step Accounting is revolutionizing the way companies manage their accounting and bookkeeping. We have simplified the accounting process- making life easier for our clients.

Our programs are designed to help business owners reduce the normal processes that are associated with bookkeeping. Usually, a business owner has to receive invoices, file them in filing cabinets, enter them into the accounts payable system or keep them to pay later, pay the bills and file the invoices, and enter them into an accounting system manually.

The First Step

The first step is sending the bill. Sending bills is quick, convenient, and secure. You can do this by faxing, emailing, or scanning a document. You can also simply snap a picture with your phone and email it to an email address specifically assigned for your business and accounting needs. This then allows the document to be organized into a web-based filing system that both the accountant and the business owner can access at any time. Both the accountant and business owner are notified via email that a bill has been processed, and they both look it over to make sure that it’s been processed correctly. The accountant then reviews it and codes it properly and makes sure that it goes into the correct general ledger account. From there, it flows directly and seamlessly into Quickbooks.

The Second Step

The second step is just as easy as the first! Step two involves emailing to approve the payment of that invoice, and when it’s to be paid.

These steps are quick, helpful, make doing business a whole lot easier. So, instead of going through the manual process of all the paper filing, taking a check book to an accountant each month, and collecting a set of historical records to file for your taxes, give us a call! Two Step Accounting allows you to constantly know the status of your accounting needs in real time, with up to date information. This process is confidential, secure, IRS approved, and there is never a limit for how much you can store. We’ll keep it all organized for you, so there’s no need to hold on to old documents.

Give us a call today! We can’t wait to help your business run smoother.